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Interrupting with the 'Un'National

Re-tracing Tahrir Square through Egyptian Surrealism

From extracting the Gom Jabbar needle as an artefact Frank Herbert’s science fiction saga Dune, the project analyses how humanity is identified through self-awareness and conflict by authoritarian status. It was found that restraint on Cairenes can be communicated through the critical elements of the artefact, leading up to the question explored in this project: ‘How would the Youth interrupt Tahrir Square now?’

Tahrir Square has been a symbol of historical revolutionary movements in Cairo. Under the recent regime, the square’s revolution history is slowly being erased as its urban context is rewritten and refurbished to host tourism and leisure. Reflecting on limitations put on the youth of Cairo, Interrupting with the ‘Un’ National retraces the identity of Cairenes in new forms of protest, inspired by what was seen as ‘modern movements’, which was founded within surrealism.

The gallery deconstructs an underground car park, creating sanctuaries for congregation and reincarnating the freedom of speech through surrealist ideals as a form of protest.

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